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Ronnie W.


Bought 2 units of Homi micro vacuum cleaner. Delivery take around 3 days and DHL arranged it at 10pm night. Phew. Cleaning room area. Was shocked to find out so much dust/dirt.

Andrew S.

Surprise the amount of dust

Was a bit unsure about the vacuum but got it for my wife. To my surprise after a week using it, just emptied the dust compartment - it was full of dust!!! Never knew we were living with so much dust on our bed and possibly millions of dust mites!!!


Realized how dirty my mattress was

This makes you realize what you have been sleeping with. The vacuum is easy to use and yields greats results! Glad I made the purchase and will be cleaning regularly now.

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Homi Go Foldable Fan
Vijaya Devan Nair
Foldable fan

I just received it today ( April 17, 2024). How do I know that it is fully charged? Any light indicator on fan?

Hi Vijaya, the lights will stop blinking once fully charged.

Cleanse Shower Head
Su Imm Khoo
First time buyer

Bought this to get cleaner water. Used for 2 weeks and it seems to be working fine. Though the filter seems to be browning up at a fast rate, might need to get additional filter before the shower head to cut down on its wear and tear.

Great and easy to use

This product quite good and can help to clean many small places.

Amazing product

My friend told me that her hair loss is getting much better after she installed the shower head. So I decided to give it a go and wow the water actually get softer and you can tell the difference after shower that your skin is smooth and soft. Def highly recommend this product for better skin.

Homi UltraBlow Vacuum
Shamanti June
Great Product!

Been using 2 weeks in car, around the house. Handy and absolutely useful to reach small corners. suction is great too! Bought 2 unit and my friend love it too!

Amazing product

Homi really change our sleeping enviroment

Refreshing shower

With the installed shower head, shower time has been more refreshing, feels like tiny massage during shower


Bought along with shower head. Nice product!

Definitely good product!

Have been using for some weeks. It works well, cannot imagine that previously was showering with the yellowish water. Love the scent of rose too. Highly recommended!

Very convenient. Light weight and portable. Clean design. Ok air blow for a small fan. Battery life is so so.

Homi Ultra Air Purifier 2

So far So good. I use it at workstation. Worth buying.


Been using for a week. So far so good. Small vacuum with great suction and blower!

Quick Clean Bundle
Chng Dick Son
Quick clean bundle

Easy & convenient Very good

Homi Ultrablow Vacuum

Very handy and easy to use with minimum fuss and powerful and well built, Overall Very good and worth buying

Cleanse Shower Head
Kate Cheong
Amazing shower

Felt like showering spa for me. Make my skin soft and supple. I would never enjoy shower much as before

Cleanse Shower Head
Sabrina Azman
Easy and Effective

I live in an old low rise apartment so its quite hard to install a water filter since it involves building management. So this shower head was a cheap and quick solution. very effective too! Very satisfying to see all the impurities trapped inside the filter

I love my mini bed vacuum

It's small and easy to carry even during travel. You never know if the BnB have bed bugs, so just be prepared.

Cleanse Shower Head

The water fliter was good. After using for 1 week,it became yellowish. I am satisfied with it 😊


It’s true that it doesn’t stink after used unlike my old towels. Love the fabric material as it’s soft and easy to dry

Cleanse Shower Head
Phui ann Chin
life changer

This is the filter after my first use, didnt know it was sooooo dirtyy.
Always wanted to get one as i knew waters in my unit is dirty. but didnt know its was that dirty
Easy to install and fast delivery.
Hope it can last long.

Worth the Price

This is 100% worth the price but the only downside is the tea tree smell is not strong enough. I am comparing this with the Bath and Body Works shower tablet. I hope the formula can improve to make the smell stronger and will be more relaxing, because even if I put 3 shower tablets and still very mild smell.

Unexpectedly Good

I am amazed by how this has helped change my shower experience. I was experiencing skin irritation and realised the water supply to my house is not so clean since I am staying in a condo. So I decided to try this, and I was astounded to see how brown the filter got from the first shower itself. I am never going back to the normal showerhead and will continue to use this. I realised my skin irritation reduced, so it has worked wonders.

What a feeling!!!!

Lovely fresh breezy feeling everytime I shower!!! Wonderful experience. Can’t seem to detect the lemon smell tho….so wondering why. Otherwise am very pleased with my purchase and glad to see all the impurities trapped in the filter 😅

Cleanse Shower Head
Boniface Heng
Unbelievable! I saw a dirty filter

I can't believe I saw a dirty filter. It used it for 2 days. After using it, my skin feels different and my hair feels soft & smooth. I'm satisfied with it.

Ultrablow vacuum

Very happy with the function and suction is acceptable to keep my car clean from food crumps etc.. and do some simple vacuuming. For the blower it is quite strong and enough to blow away the dust and also to blow up balloons😄