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Ronnie W.


Bought 2 units of Homi micro vacuum cleaner. Delivery take around 3 days and DHL arranged it at 10pm night. Phew. Cleaning room area. Was shocked to find out so much dust/dirt.

Andrew S.

Surprise the amount of dust

Was a bit unsure about the vacuum but got it for my wife. To my surprise after a week using it, just emptied the dust compartment - it was full of dust!!! Never knew we were living with so much dust on our bed and possibly millions of dust mites!!!


Realized how dirty my mattress was

This makes you realize what you have been sleeping with. The vacuum is easy to use and yields greats results! Glad I made the purchase and will be cleaning regularly now.

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Homi UltraBlow Vacuum
Perfect Car Cleaning Companion!

I recently bought this mini vacuum, and it has exceeded my expectations. It’s incredibly satisfying to see how well it cleans my car, reaching all those tricky spots that were previously hard to get to. The suction power is impressive for such a compact device, and it’s lightweight, making it easy to maneuver. The battery life is decent, allowing for a thorough clean without needing frequent recharges. The attachments provided are very useful, especially for getting into tight corners and crevices. Overall, this mini vacuum has made my car cleaning routine much more efficient and enjoyable. Highly recommended!

Ultimate Helper

This Ultrablow vacuum is lightweight, ergonomically designed and delivers impressive suction power for its size, effectively picking up dust, crumbs, and pet hair from various surfaces including carpets, upholstery, and hard floors.

Best Cleanse Self Care Kit - Shower Head

The shower head giving me clean water for my shower which works well on the rashes/itchy that I'd facing the past 2 years. My body didn't see any rashes since I started using this shower head the past 1 week. My hair feels smoother and not frizzy after washed.

Small & Handy

Easy to vacuum between gaps and also the best thing is that strong enough to vacuum cat sands. Definitely a must have in house !

Great invention!!

This is such a great invention!! My apartment wasn't able to install a whole house filtration. I only able to find 1 filter for my washing machine and now i got the one for shower. No more metal smells from my shower

Best shower Head

Enjoy the soft and quiet water flow. But yet to smell the aroma.

Cleanse Shower Head

Fantastic product. Just started using it. Water output (spray) is strong and even, and also soft on the skin. Just love it!

Good suction

No more broom and neck pain

I used to use broom and chair to clean the ceiling fan. Then all the dust will stick over the floor or any surfaces. Now i just need this vacuum and it just suck all the dust. Easy!

Easy to use

I buy this item for my car. Hower i found that is was easy for me to clean the ceiling fan too. No need to used broom and chair

Wonderful Product

Compact but powerful. Performance is good, i.e, suction and blower power is good, lightweight and noise level is low as compared to other brands. I tried it on gaps on couch, car air cond grilles, laptop gaps, etc., and it works very well. Highly recommended.

Cleanse Shower Head
Cindy Albert
Legit & Worth it

Glad that I decided to purchased the shower head. Less in 2 weeks the filter has turned brown! That shows the water is not clean. I feel so much cleaner. My skin and scalp less irritation. I even got extra filter, capsule and chlorine.

Great product!

- Small and compact
- Strong suction
- Nice design
- Fast delivery

Best and Clean Shower Head

Skin can sometime feel itchy after bathing with normal shower head. But after purchasing this Homi Shower Head, my bath feel refreshing and good and my skin feels less itchy.

Very soft and gentle on the skin!

I’ve been using this shower head for about 2 weeks now, and it I can see the changes on my skin. My hands used to be so dry but after switching to this shower head, my skin has become less itchy and smoother!

The water pressure is good, and strong. The scented capsule smells great too. But it can only last up to a week plus.

The filter turned brown after only 2 days of using it.

Homi UltraBlow Vacuum
Breyden Cheong
Small and powerful

I must say the mini vacuum is so powerful and have so many functions. Never regret owning one and will be getting my second.

So Far So Good

Operates as I hope for but only 1 thing I dislike, the sound is quite loud. Other than that good quality product for its purposes. Loving it!


Decent product works well so far

My First Attempt

Like the soft and quiet water flow. After a week of use, it gives me the feeling of less itchy skin. Meaning less scratching, less pimples. 😊

The aroma scent is only there when I first start showering.

Homi UltraBlow Vacuum
Abu Abu Ubaidah
Good product!

Very small and easy to store. Quite good suction but the blower not strong enough for me. For a small device it’s consider very good

Cleanse Shower Head
Florence Lee
Improved water pressure

Have been using it for a week now. Found out the water pressure has improved tremendously.

small and compact

i love the design. just small and compact. powerful suction.

Covenient & light

What i like about this stuff is very small, light and the suction is good enough for hard place to clean area(like bed corner, under sofa). Things should improve is on the rubber shield that a bit hard to clean the dust out.

Efficient and Lightweight

Effective in simple vacuuming.
Since it's lightweight and portable, can use for cleaning even in small compartments.

Convenient vacuum

Small and compact vacuum.
Convenient to bring anywhere