About Homi

We want to bridge the gap between affordable goods and quality goods. Often times, brands compete on price to make products attractive, but at the expense of the quality.

Our solution to this is to be extremely selective and work directly with top quality suppliers. Our innovative designs allow us to compete on the value we provide to our customers, instead of attracting with low pricing.

Homi is leveling up.

Selling the same product day after day is the easier path. But we recognize that there is always room for improvements, so we stick to a core value in the product process.

Quality Through Iterations

Only by taking in constructive criticisms and customer feedback, we can create a better quality product through constant iterations. At Homi, the product improvement process never stops.

Homi focuses on the value we provide to our customers.

At Homi, we embrace long term thinking. Our goal is to make sure that we bring value to our customers’ lives, instead of a one-off transaction. That’s why…

Creating Affordable and Sustainable Products is Important

Making sure that every product we sell is of high quality and sustainable. Let’s be honest, no-one would shop with a brand promising the world but delivers a mediocre product. We want to be at the other side of the curve, where we are the long term partners for your health and living improvements.

So What is The Homi Mission?

To put it simply, we want to improve happiness and living standards of every customer we serve. If our products failed to do that, you are always welcome to return them for your money back. That’s the Homi Promise.