Why filtered shower water?

Unfiltered Shower Water Contains Harsh Chemicals That Dries Out Skin & Hair

✅ Vitamin C Infused Filter Neutralizes Chlorine & Impurities
✅ Filters Metal, Sediments, and Chemicals From Shower Water
✅ Promotes Good Looking Hair and Skin
✅ Relaxing Aromatherapy Scents From Pure Essential Oil

Unfiltered Shower Water Contain High Amount of Chemicals & Impurities

Switch To Filtered Shower Head That Cleans Your Water and Smells Amazing

The quality of your shower water matters.

Minerals, heavy metals, chlorine and other contaminants are often found in shower water which can cause your skin and hair to become dry, irritated.

Cleanse Shower Head uses a 2 step filtration process to reduce chlorine and impurities while adding Vitamin C and aroma for your hair and skin.

Water that feels softer, and smells amazing...

See how Homi Cleanse Shower Head can give you a cleaner shower experience that’s gentler on skin.

3-in-1 Luxury Shower Experience

Purify, Moisturizes Skin and Hair, Adds Aromatherapy

Filter Out Chlorine & Other Impurities

Calcium Sulfite Filter neutralizes chlroine while the Polypropylene filter catches impurities.

Easy To Install

No tools needed. Simply install onto your existing shower hose.

Promotes Healthier-Looking Skin & Hair

Showering with clean water and Vitamin C essence is beneficial to the skin and hair.

Experience Aromatherapy

The relaxing scent from essential oil makes shower more enjoyable.

Transform your Ordinary Shower Into A Luxurious Spa Experience

Common feedback from our customers include feeling cleaner after shower, no more skin irritation, and hair feels softer.

Best In Class Filter

High density filter traps impurities and neutralizes chlorine before they reach your body.

Healthier Hair and Skin

Filtered water ensure your skin stay moisturized and vitamin essence helps promote clearer skin.

Easy To Install

It only takes 2 minutes to install The Cleanse Shower Head. No additional tools required.

Get The Best Shower Upgrade of 2024

Order Homi’s new filtered shower head today and see why so many are raving about their “refreshing” shower water.

Homi Cleanse Shower Head is Different

See how it compare against other shower head

Cleanse Shower Head


Install on Any Shower Hose

Remove Impurities & Chlorine

Added Vitamin C Essence for healthy skin and hair

Essential Oil Aromatheraphy

Malaysian Loves Homi's Cleanse Shower Head

Here's what verified customers are saying about Cleanse

"My Skin Feels Amazing After Using It!"

Achieve shiny hair and clear skin with Homi's Cleanse Shower Head, infused with essential oil and Vitamin C Essence

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Homi Cleanse Shower Head work?

How do I install it?

How long does the filter last?

What happens if it doesn't work for me? Any return policy?

Fast Tracked Local Shipping

30 Day No Risk Guarantee

Quality Insured

Loved and trusted by over 2000 Malaysians

Fast Tracked Local Shipping

30 Day No Risk Guarantee

Quality Insured

Loved and trusted by over 2000 Malaysians

"I used to get rashes and irritation after shower, now not anymore."

Keep your skin nourished and happy with clean shower water.

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