Homi Shower Steamer

Relaxation & Stress relief
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Indulge in the aromatherapy benefits of Fresh Tea Tree while showering. Instantly transform your ordinary shower into the ultimate Shower Spa experience.

✓ Clean & Natural Ingredients

✓ 15 Tablets Per Pack

✓ Natural Essential Oil

Aroma: Fresh Tea Tree
Choose Offer: One Pack
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Infuse with Natural Essential Oil

Free from Talc, SLS, and Parabens

Cruelty Free & Environmental Friendly

Convenient & Affordable Self Care

Enjoy the benefits of natural essential oil in your own home shower. The Shower Steamers come with a Relaxation Guarantee, Love it or your money back.

Aromatherapy For Your Shower

Packed with relaxing essential oil that elevate your senses during your shower.

✓ Premium Scent unlock your senses and long lasting aroma.

✓ Transform your ordinary shower into a home spa experience.

✓ Slow-release aroma will last your entire shower.

Homi Shower Steamers VS Bath Bombs

How We Compare

Homi Shower Steamers are infused with natural essential oil that smells good and offer aromatherapy benefits.

How It Works

Start enjoying your shower steamer and aromatherapy benefits in 2 easy steps.

Step 1

Place the shower steamer on the bathroom floor.

Step 2

Start enjoying aromatherapy benefits.

Shower Steamers As Seen On TikTok

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Really relax and smell good the whole bathroom

Worth the Price

This is 100% worth the price but the only downside is the tea tree smell is not strong enough. I am comparing this with the Bath and Body Works shower tablet. I hope the formula can improve to make the smell stronger and will be more relaxing, because even if I put 3 shower tablets and still very mild smell.

Sherrie S.

I love these. They are so relaxing and smell so goood!

Ashley O.

You can smell the tea tree through the packaging. The smell is definitely clean and refreshing. Nice size - lasted my entire 10 minute shower with some really hot water.