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Ronnie W.


Membeli 2 unit pembersih hampagas mikro Homi. Penghantaran mengambil masa sekitar 3 hari dan DHL mengaturkannya pada jam 10 malam. Fuh. Membersih kawasan bilik. Terkejut apabila mengetahui begitu banyak habuk/kotoran.

Andrew S.

Mengejutkan jumlah habuk

Agak tidak pasti tentang vakum tetapi mendapatkannya untuk isteri saya. Terkejut saya selepas seminggu menggunakannya, baru sahaja mengosongkan petak habuk - penuh dengan habuk!!! Tidak pernah tahu kami hidup dengan begitu banyak habuk di atas katil kami dan mungkin berjuta-juta hama habuk!!!


Menyedari betapa kotornya tilam saya

Ini membuatkan anda sedar apa yang anda telah tidur dengannya. Vakum mudah digunakan dan membuahkan hasil yang hebat! Gembira saya membuat pembelian dan akan membersihkan secara tetap sekarang.

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Based on 670 reviews
Extra Clean Bundle
Syakila Doming
Good and effective

Works as well as advertised. Helps clean up nook and crannies! And for someone with eczema this is a lifesaver.

Convenient and handy

Easy to use and does the job well

Powerful suction, small, and easy to handle.

Handy & small

So cooll !! Handy & easy to bring anywhere

Must have for parents!

Every parent definitely knows how the carseat condition after each trip when the child eats in it. Having this vacuum helps me to clean the carseat easier at anytime or anywhere.

Homi UltraBlow Vacuum
Kalvinder Chelliah
Good product

Purchased the ultra blow hand vaccumm and dust mite vacumm. The product works well.

Very good and user friendly ever

The most reasonable and good in using for all my household , love in and been continue to purchase twice for most of the items

Homi Dust Mite Vacuum
Widad Abdul Ghafar
Perfect for mattress & sofa

Bought the bundle set & the vacuums are easy to use. Even my children can help around. The Ultrablow vacuum is perfect for the car & stroller. Useful for drawers & cabinets too. I haven’t used the Dust Mite Vacuum on the mattresses but only on sofa for now & it’s working well.

Homi UltraBlow Vacuum
Widad Abdul Ghafar
Easy to use

Bought the bundle set & the vacuums are easy to use. Even my children can help around. The Ultrablow vacuum is perfect for the car & stroller. Useful for drawers & cabinets too.

Great Value for Filtered Shower Head

Very easy installation, no thread seal required. See-through shower heads is kinda cool as you get to see the filters change colours overtime. Ours got brown after 8+ days of usage but I should make clear that we haven’t change the heater rusted inlet hose and old inlet valve. Changing the filters and removing the aroma capsule (baby allergy precaution) is self explanatory but having the manual would be a plus imo, or at least provide it online. Grab the 3-pack filters when buying this shower head to get it at a reduced price !

Thanks for the feedback!

Small handy cleaning appliance.

A wonderful helper to clean small areas. Works efficiently.

Homi UltraBlow Vacuum
Loh Tat Chuang
Small and convenient to use

Very convenient to use to vacuum the dust from car interior, light and easy. Highly recommended!

Love this too ❤️

I don’t have a itchy bed anymore…easy to use and live it!

My favorite ❤️

This ultrablower my most favorite ❤️ Easy to handle and I bring everywhere with it. No heavy vacuum cleaner for me. …

Convenient and handy!

At last a portable vacuum cleaner / blower that is handy and not bulky, making it easy to clean. Very convenient.

Extra Clean Bundle
roslina husin

Satisfied with the product. Vacuum suction quite strong. Very happy with the dust mite vacuum too. Very useful & can vacuum every day before sleep.

Trying out the shower head. So far so good. Too early to tell the benefits

Strong and handy

I should have get this vacuum
sooner! It is so handy when needed to do a quick clean in my car and on my working desk. The suction is strong enough; it wasn't too heavy too. Highly recommended!

Cleanse Shower Head
Rizalee Camit
Can't believe what I saw.

It says 7 days it will get dirty... Mine was 1 shower!!🫣
Can't believe so I tested under a mineral water and no changes.. Can't believe how dirty the shower water is. Hence getting itchy after shower and worsens my eczema.


Very satisfied with the filtration effect and reduce my skin itchiness. Do expect water pressure will be reduced due to the filters.

Good product

I'm so happy that I bought both Dust Mite Vacuum and Ultra blow vacuum.. Both works superbly!

Very useful

Very convenient to clean those tights spot, even the wall at the house because of it light weight. The vacuum is small but powerful and it seems solid. Good product.

My 2nd Purchase

this is my 2nd purchased with same product after 2 years, worth it

Homi Dust Mite Vacuum
Good product 👍🏻

good to used it to clean mattress, completely can remove dust mites and allergen.

Cleanse Self Care Kit

Very simple installation. Water level is great. But can only smell the aroma for first 15 seconds when turn on the shower.