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Ronnie W.


Membeli 2 unit pembersih hampagas mikro Homi. Penghantaran mengambil masa sekitar 3 hari dan DHL mengaturkannya pada jam 10 malam. Fuh. Membersih kawasan bilik. Terkejut apabila mengetahui begitu banyak habuk/kotoran.

Andrew S.

Mengejutkan jumlah habuk

Agak tidak pasti tentang vakum tetapi mendapatkannya untuk isteri saya. Terkejut saya selepas seminggu menggunakannya, baru sahaja mengosongkan petak habuk - penuh dengan habuk!!! Tidak pernah tahu kami hidup dengan begitu banyak habuk di atas katil kami dan mungkin berjuta-juta hama habuk!!!


Menyedari betapa kotornya tilam saya

Ini membuatkan anda sedar apa yang anda telah tidur dengannya. Vakum mudah digunakan dan membuahkan hasil yang hebat! Gembira saya membuat pembelian dan akan membersihkan secara tetap sekarang.

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Based on 730 reviews
Efficient and Lightweight

Effective in simple vacuuming.
Since it's lightweight and portable, can use for cleaning even in small compartments.

Convenient vacuum

Small and compact vacuum.
Convenient to bring anywhere

I am a first time buyer

I bought the cleanse shower heads couple of weeks ago for my two shower rooms. So far they seem to be working fine. However their filters seems to be turning into brown very fast, indicating the bad water quality my family has been exposed to. A happy customer here.

Honest review from fussy buyer

The product works. I think there is slightly lesser hair fall and acne growth now. Water pressure is smaller than my previous shower head but still decent. The aroma capsule seems redundant because I can barely smell it. My shower filter turned brown after the first use, and dark brown after 2 weeks, as seen in the photo here.

I wish Homi would come up with a customisable subscription for their accessories. I want clean water when I bathe so I will be a regular customer for now.

Thanks for your review! We will look into the customisable subscription for sure!

Dust Mite Vacuum PRO
Ezra Ali Mohamed Eusoff
Vacuum does it's job well

Never knew my sofa was so dusty... After vacuuming, itching has stop.

Cleanse Self Care Kit
Ezra Ali Mohamed Eusoff
Excellent Shower Head

The water is soft and pleasant... Will definitely recommend to family members.

Homi UltraBlow Vacuum
Noor Amelia Abdullah

Love the design! Very lightweight and handy!

Handy helper

Small & compact, i like it.
It's easy to use at narrow space.
Value for money

Homi UltraBlow Vacuum

I would say that this vacuum
Is a lifesaver for me!i really cannot see all the dust!i tried a lot of wiping cloth from cheapest to expensive as norwex until ive found HOMI VaCUm.really easy to use even in a tiny space.

I wish HOMI improve the head brush,after use it sometime it became easily stuck with hair.

Thanks for the feedback! You can rinse the brush under water to get rid of hair/dust.

Good vacuum

Love it. Easy to use. Small footprint. Can use it for my car

Worked as advertise!

I have bought the pro version and love it! It helped to reduce my allergy especially during the morning time. I have bad sinus where when I woke up, I will sneeze a lot even though I frequently washed bedsheet.

I’ll just vacuum whenever I feel like it (every 2 other days) because it is light weight and convenient (cordless).

The image shown was the dust collected from three vacuums (within a week). See all the fine dust it can vacuum from the bed. Amazing and scary at the same time 😰

Must have!

Ever since I bought it, I don't have to pick up my hair anymore. It's so convenient and light that I can take it around and use it when need to. Really happy with my purchase. Definitely recommend you to get one too!

Homi UltraBlow Vacuum
Judeson Selvan
Budget Friendly

It's compact and does the job. For small cleanings it makes things easier then using a large vacuum

Cleanse self care kit

Overall the product is good. Only the aroma capsule at the initial stage it has been dripping overnight alot for few days. Then it stopped.

Hey Catherine, could you send us an email with more details? We would love to learn more!

Awesome vacuum

I finally managed to total cleaned my car interior using tis Homi vacuum!

Unbelievable outcomes

I used to install past 3 weeks now. And the changes are very gross! My water storage obviously cleaner and clear water and I feel good with my shower en it quite slow.

Definitely a MUST HAVE!

Been using this vacuum for about 3 days now and I'm loving it! It's handy, light and I can clean all small spaces. Since it's wireless, I can go to any length in my room or car without having to worry on the wire length.

Amazing ShowerHead

Purchased this product to get purer water.
Several days into its use, it seems to be operating as intended. It might be required to buy a second filter before the shower head tears up because the filter looks to be browning up quickly.

Worth Buying

Tried and it works well. Power suction were strong and very light. Hopefully the battery will last long. Overall very satisfied with my purchase.

After 1 week usage

I bought it to try and hope to ease my eczema. The water pressure is higher than my previous one yet is gentle on the skin. But the filter gets brown fast, guess it did its magic

The best cleaning tool

Cleaning is even easier!the best portable vacuum I ever used!

Homi Go Foldable Fan
Emily Poh Yee Ng
Surprisingly light

I am very pleased with the purchase of this fan. It is surprisingly lightweight, and is very easy to bring around the house. The battery life is satisfactory - I run this fan on minimum speed overnight with a full battery, and it is still on in the morning even though I sleep a solid 8 hours.


Really relax and smell good the whole bathroom


It really works well and help my skin allergies

Must-Have Vacuum for Everyday Cleanup!

This compact vacuum is incredibly handy, lightweight, and powerful—perfect for tackling quick cleaning tasks around the house. It's an essential tool for any home, car, or workplace. A versatile must-have appliance for everyday use!