Homi Go Foldable Fan

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Kipas Boleh Lipat Go boleh dipanjangkan, boleh dilipat, boleh dicas semula dan berayun secara automatik. Sesuai untuk perkhemahan, perjalanan jalan raya dan aktiviti luar.

✓ Boleh Dipanjangkan ✓ Boleh Dilipat ✓ Boleh dicas semula ✓ 24 jam/Caj

✓ Mengecas Telefon ✓ Alat Kawalan Jauh ✓ Peresap

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The Go Foldable Fan Just Got Upgraded!

Here's what new with V2.

— Sleek Design & 14CM Taller

— Longer Lasting Battery

— Stronger Wind Strength (4 modes)

— Added Child Safe Lock

— Enhanced Material Durability

Choose Your Height

The innovative telescopic design on the Go Foldable Fan allows you to fully customize your fan height.

You can always feel the cool breeze whether you are sitting, standing, or rolling.

Stay Cool Everywhere With The Most Portable Fan

Uncontrollable sweat can ruin your mood, or your makeup. Especially when you are outdoors. We create the Go Foldable Fan to help you stay calm and cool even when there's no wind around.

Game Changing Features

The Go Foldable Fan is thoughtfully designed to make your life easier, more comfortable and convenient.

Charges Your Phone

Go Foldable Fan comes with a USB port that charges your phone or any electronics.

Compact Size For Portability

Bring the Foldable Fan to your road trips, without adding burden.

Adds Refreshing Scent

Add essential oil to the diffuser sponge for a refreshing breeze.


The Homi Go Foldable Fan is made for your travels or places where it is not windy. Worry not, now you can bring your own breeze!

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Kenneth Kee
Go Foldable Fan

Very impressed with this fan. Folds in and out easily. Suffient variable speed air blow too. Was anticipating auto folding but that's too much hehehe.

Angeline Chung

Good quality product and worth to buy. Portable and light weight. Easy to bring. No more sweat. 👍🏼


Very useful, unfortunately battery not that longer

Mun Yee
A fan to work in the kitchen for me

I bought this portable fan for my use in the kicthen during cooking. It did not sweat anymore with the fan working. However, you can only feel the "wind" when it is close enough to you. But it is still a great fan to be use anywhere and anytime.

Great customer service

Received this product but wasn't working, brought it up and next thing I know, a replacement is here within few days, and its working perfectly well. It's big for me as I'm based in East Malaysia. Seeing how small, light and portable the product is, but able to cool me down during the night. Just wish it has longer battery life. I sleep less than 7 hours a night, but it has ran out of battery by the time I was awake, but all in all, I would recommend this product


Super convenient, good value portable fan.


Bought this for an emergency if there is a power outage. Very easy and compact to store. Provides sufficient air as well.

Sophia S.

Super convenient portable fan for picnics or any outdoor activity. Love the remote function, overall i am very happy with this purchase

Siti S.

Got this for my husband to go on fishing trips. He loves it!

Mark K.

Can fold, extend to 80+ cm. Very useful on hot days. Wish the battery lasts longer tho (lowest fan mode can up to 20+ hopurs)