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5 Reasons Why This 3 in 1 Vacuum is on the top of 364 people's wishlist

With over 10,000 happy customers, 87% of who have tried Homi Ultrablow says they regretting not getting it earlier.

"Ultrablow makes cleaning so much easier. Especially when cleaning small spaces like in between sofa, inside the car" - Hazwani H, MY

1. remove dust in tight and narrow places

There's always somewhere in your drawers, electronics or car that is accumulating dust.

And the worst part is, it is too narrow for you to reach inside even if you want to clean.

Homi Ultrablow Vacuum features a compact design and attachments that help you clean narrow places with ease.

2. a vacuum that blows dust (and pumps air)

Cleaning hard-to-reach places is cool, but what if dust is stuck at the back of your electronics or inside closed components?

Worry not, The Ultrablow Vacuum features a smart design that vacuum air from the front, and release it through the back. 

With the Ultrablow, you can easily blow away dust inside CPUs, keyboard or your car aircon. 

3. save your breath & inflate with the ultrablow

Need to inflate an air mattress or some balloon at a party? The Ultrablow Vacuum comes with an inflating head that automatically inflates air.

Just press a button, and let the Ultrablow Vacuum work its magic.

4. it's a life saver for road trips and outings

Road trips are fun, but food crumbs in the car isn't. With The Ultrablow Vacuum you don't have to worry about making a mess.

Weighting only 600grams, you can bring the Ultrablow anywhere you go.

It's a handy tool to keep your surroundings clean and pleasant while you travel.  

5. Clean anywhere you want with 6 attachments

The Ultrablow Vacuum comes with 6 unique attachments you can use by simply attaching on the front or back.

They give you the flexibility to clean corners, in-betweens furniture, and any items without switching to other cleaning tools. 

Convenient Cleaning with the homi Ultrablow vacuum

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