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Remove chlorine from shower water

Filters heavy metal and contaminants

Adds Vitamin C essence

Refreshing spa-like shower experience

Includes Cleanse Shower Head, PP filter, Chlorine Filter and Aroma Capsule with Vitamin C Essence.

Choose Your Aroma:

Refreshing Lemon

Soothing Rose

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Add Filter and Aroma Replacement To Your Order & Save On Shipping

Cleanse Filter & Aroma Renew Kit


✓ 3 PP Replacement Filters
✓ 3 Aroma + Vitamin C Capsule
✓ 1 Chlorine Filter
✓ 90 Days Supply

15% Discount

Pause, skip or cancel anytime!

Delivers every 90 days

Includes 3 PP Filters, 1 Chlorine Filter & 3 Aroma Capsule

RM41.65 · Only RM13.88 Per Month

Refreshing Lemon

Soothing Rose

Remove Chlorine, Rust & Dirt From Your Shower Water

Why Should I Filter My Shower Water?

Our water supply is treated with Chlorine to eliminate germs and bacteria, but it is doesn't make sense for us to shower with it. Chlorine water along with other contaminants:

❌ Remove the natural oil in our body and hair, leaving them damaged, dry, and irritated

❌ Breaks down the amino acids in our hair, depleting the hair's natural strength

❌ Irritates our skin, leading to eczema, itchiness, hives & rashes

❌ Dissolves hair lipids, leaving hair looking less shiny, less strong, and causing split ends

❌ Reacts with the natural melanin in our hair, changing the color of your hair

❌ Speeds up the loss of collagen as heavy metals cause free radicals to form

Chlorine Filter

Contains calcium sulfite and another layer of polypropylene filter to remove chlorine from water.

Microdots Design

Increases water pressure by 50% by directing the shower water through our unique dotted design.

Aroma Capsule

Infuse with natural essential oil and Vitamin C Essence to transform your shower into a spa experience.

3 Simple Steps

How To Install

Step 1

Unscrew the hose from your old shower head, and attach Cleanse Shower Head.

Step 2

Mount the Shower Head, turn on the water and start showering. You are on your way to having smoother, healthier skin and hair!

Step 3

Replace the filter once it turns to a dark brown color.

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Su Imm Khoo
First time buyer

Bought this to get cleaner water. Used for 2 weeks and it seems to be working fine. Though the filter seems to be browning up at a fast rate, might need to get additional filter before the shower head to cut down on its wear and tear.

Amazing product

My friend told me that her hair loss is getting much better after she installed the shower head. So I decided to give it a go and wow the water actually get softer and you can tell the difference after shower that your skin is smooth and soft. Def highly recommend this product for better skin.

Refreshing shower

With the installed shower head, shower time has been more refreshing, feels like tiny massage during shower

Rachael CY
Definitely good product!

Have been using for some weeks. It works well, cannot imagine that previously was showering with the yellowish water. Love the scent of rose too. Highly recommended!

Kate Cheong
Amazing shower

Felt like showering spa for me. Make my skin soft and supple. I would never enjoy shower much as before

Sabrina Azman
Easy and Effective

I live in an old low rise apartment so its quite hard to install a water filter since it involves building management. So this shower head was a cheap and quick solution. very effective too! Very satisfying to see all the impurities trapped inside the filter


The water fliter was good. After using for 1 week,it became yellowish. I am satisfied with it 😊

Phui ann Chin
life changer

This is the filter after my first use, didnt know it was sooooo dirtyy.
Always wanted to get one as i knew waters in my unit is dirty. but didnt know its was that dirty
Easy to install and fast delivery.
Hope it can last long.

Unexpectedly Good

I am amazed by how this has helped change my shower experience. I was experiencing skin irritation and realised the water supply to my house is not so clean since I am staying in a condo. So I decided to try this, and I was astounded to see how brown the filter got from the first shower itself. I am never going back to the normal showerhead and will continue to use this. I realised my skin irritation reduced, so it has worked wonders.

What a feeling!!!!

Lovely fresh breezy feeling everytime I shower!!! Wonderful experience. Can’t seem to detect the lemon smell tho….so wondering why. Otherwise am very pleased with my purchase and glad to see all the impurities trapped in the filter 😅


Satisfaction Guarantee

You could shower in Cleanse for the next month and then return it and you'll get your full money back. Though we are absolute confident you'll never go back to normal showers.


Our shower head is made with the best in class filters and aroma essence so you can give your skin and hair the best treatment of clean, filtered shower water.