5 Reasons Why This Foldable Fan is voted the best outdoor gadget of 2023

With over 10,000 happy customers, 69% of who have tried Homi Foldable Fan says that it makes their outdoor experience much more enjoyable.

"The foldable fan keeps me cool wherever I go. No more sweat and ruined makeups!" - Kiki L, MY

1. Solving the #1 Headache In Outdoor Activities — Sweating Under The Hot Sun

If you are an outdoor person, chances are you have experience the discomfort of uncontrollable sweat dripping down your face.

It certainly isn’t enjoyable, especially when you are trying to relax. The Homi Go Foldable Fan helps you stay cool whenever you go.

With 3 fan speed and battery life up to 24 hours, it is a must have gadget when it comes to outdoor activities.

2. Not Just A Fan — It Can Also Charge Your Phone

Battery running low on your outdoor trip? No problem. The Homi Go Foldable Fan doubles as a power bank, ensuring your phone never runs out of battery.

The 7200mAh battery is a total power house that charges your phone and generates wind on hot, windless days.

3. Enjoy The Breeze With Your Friends and Family

With the automatic spinning mode, you can make sure everyone gets a share of cool air.

Instantly make your gatherings or picnics 10x more comfortable with the constant cooling breeze coming from the Homi Go Foldable Fan.

4. Making the air around you fresher and cooler

Want to keep the air around you fresher, or perhaps scented? The Homi Go Foldable Fan comes with a secret compartment in the middle that freshens the air.

You can add drips of essential oil onto the diffuser sponge to add your favorite fresh scent to the air.

5. Easily Bring It Around With The Foldable & Light Design 

The Homi Foldable Fan folds up to 11 cm, making it the most portable fan to bring along to your outdoor trips, picnics, camping and more.

The lightweight and compact design makes it easy to store anywhere in your luggage, backpacks or even handbags.

Now you can relax knowing you are in control, no matter how hot the weather may be.

Trusted by Malaysians, With Over 10,000 Happy Customers

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

Super convenient, good value portable fan.


Bought this for an emergency if there is a power outage. Very easy and compact to store. Provides sufficient air as well.

Sophia S.

Super convenient portable fan for picnics or any outdoor activity. Love the remote function, overall i am very happy with this purchase

Siti S.

Got this for my husband to go on fishing trips. He loves it!

Mark K.

Can fold, extend to 80+ cm. Very useful on hot days. Wish the battery lasts longer tho (lowest fan mode can up to 20+ hopurs)

Kelly Wee

Super easy to pack into bag. Can even fit inside my handbag 🥰

Ahmad S.

Very handy portable fan. I use it for picnics, camping etc..

Stay Cool & Relax with the homi Go Foldable Fan

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