How To Use Homi Products


Homi Dust Mite Vacuum

How to clean Homi Vacuum?

After using the Homi Vacuum, follow these steps to clean the filter.

1. Remove the filter from the cap by twisting it gently.
2. Use a brush or old toothbrush to dust off the filter.
3. Rinse the filter under water thoroughly to get rid of any dust and loose hair.
4. Leave the filter to dry before putting it back in the vacuum.

Please do NOT submerge the vacuum machine under water as it is not waterproof.

How long do I need to charge for the Homi Vacuum?

If you are charging for the first time, we recommend at least 4 hours of charging or until the red light turns green. Subsequent charges can be 2-3 hours or until the light turns green.

How do you use the Homi Vacuum?

To activate the Homi Dust Mite Vacuum, follow these steps:

1. Two quick taps on the first button to activate vacuum.
2. Tap once on the second button, and twice if you want maximum power.
3. Tap first button again to turn it off.

How do I make sure the dust mites and allergens on my furniture is removed?

To achieve the best cleaning results, we recommend covering the whole area of your mattress or sofa two times in each session to ensure all allergens are picked up.

It seems like my vacuum suction is getting weak, what should I do?

They are several reasons your vacuum's suction could become weak.

1. Battery not full. Make sure to charge your vacuum until green light.
2. Filter is full. Rinse the filter under water to remove the dust.
3. Suction hole is blocked. Remove the filter and check if there is any blockage on the suction hole (connecting to the main machine).
4. Filter cap not aligned properly. Make sure the opening of the filter cap aligns properly with the machine.


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