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7 Reasons Why This Dust Mite Vacuum is Your key to better sleep and healthier skin

"I sleep better after using the Homi Vacuum. No allergies and itchiness anymore." - Aifa A.

With over 10,000 happy customers, those who have tried Homi Vacuum swear that it does what it says it does. You will get better sleep, guaranteed.

1. prevent skin inflammation caused by dust mite allergens

You’ll spend a third of your life with your skin in direct contact with your mattress and bedding. Sleeping on a dust mite infested mattress means poking yourself with dust mite extracts which causes skin rashes, acne, and all kinds of irritations!

A typically used mattress contains 1 to 10 million dust mites, not to mention the allergens and bacteria accumulating under your sheets - no wonder the breakouts don’t stop!

Homi Dust Mite Vacuum removes dust mites, their secretions and allergens under 10 minutes, which means healthier skin for you.

2. quality sleep without disturbance

Getting up in the middle of the night because of itchiness is the last thing you want after a long day at work. Or trouble falling asleep because you felt the sensation of worms crawling on you.

Letting dust mites roam free on your mattress means sleeping with allergens. Overtime, the allergen causes itchiness, skin rashes, and other irritations. 

Removing the allergens with Homi Vacuum is the first step to getting a restful sleep.

3. Sneeze-free sleep

Your furry friend may leave behind loose fur and micro bacteria on your bed, but it doesn’t mean you have to sleep with them!

Homi Vacuum get rids of all the allergens that makes you sneeze non-stop at night, without you needing to wash sheets every day.

4. Your personal cleaner

Regular cleaning your mattresses and bedding shouldn't cost a fortune. Using Homi Vacuum cuts the expensive costs and efforts needed to deep clean your furniture in half.

It replicates the bacteria-killing ability of the sun and completely remove the allergens without calling in a cleaning appointment.

Homi Vacuum means deep cleaning without breaking the bank.

5. lightweight but powerful

The lightweight feature of the dust mite vacuum makes it easy to clean all your furniture around the house.

Operated by a simple button that vacuums up any dust it comes in contact with, this is a vacuum that is suitable even for the kids.

No more sore arms, or a cleaning session that drains all your energy. Homi Vacuum makes cleaning a breeze in your home.

6. keeping your home clean at all times

A person sheds of 1.5 grams of dead skin daily. Combined with dandruff, loose hair, dust mite saliva and sweat, it doesn’t take much to imagine how dirty the mattress is.

Sleeping on these dirty allergens may not impact your health right away, but it can contribute to loss of sleep, skin irritations and weaker immune system.

Homi Vacuum is the perfect tool to keep dust mites out of your home, especially in a humid and hot climate like Malaysia.

7. your best travel companion

Ever went to a vacation excited, only to be ruined by the itchy bed at your stay?

Travelling is about new experiences - but not experiencing a night of tossing and turning in the allergen infested bed. Luckily, the cordless and portable design of the Homi Vacuum makes it the perfect travel companion.

Do a quick vacuum for a guaranteed good night’s sleep, no matter where you are.

Raved About by Families Across Malaysia With Over 10,000 Happy Experiences

Shocked At The Result

I usually use my normal vacuum cleaner to clean my mattress and bedding, and it always seems clean enough. But after using the Homi Vacuum I realized I been sleeping on dust this whole time!! What a huge difference it makes!

  • Yuki Chu

Helped With My Allergies

I always got hit with sneezing but never thought it could be because of dust mite. I use this dust mite vacuum to clean all my bedding and my allergies are magically gone! Highly recommend if you are same with me.

  • Esther Liaw

Strong Suction

Good customer service! I have a question and the team at Homi patiently explains it to me. The product works as advertised too, strong suction, and easy to use. You won't believe how dirty your furniture is until you use this!

  • Eric Lau

get better and deeper sleep in a dust mite free Bedroom

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