5 Reasons Why This Dust Mite Vacuum can improve your sleep

With over 10,000 happy customers, 67% of who have tried Homi Vacuum says they regretting not getting it earlier.

"I sleep better after using the Homi Vacuum. No allergies and itchiness anymore." - Aifa A, MY

1. Get rid of dust mites and their poop

Yes it's true! Dust mites leave behind droplets and feces that makes your skin itchy.

Especially in a tropical climate, dust mites have a higher chance to survive and breed bacause of the abundant humidity. 

Homi Dust Mite Vacuum removes dust mites and their secretions so you can sleep better.

2. more effective than sunning mattress

The traditional way to sanitize mattress is leaving them under the hot sun.

It's true that sunning your mattress can kill the dust mites and bacteria underneath, but the allergens — dust mite bodies, feces, dead skin cells still remains.

Removing the allergens with Homi Dust Mite Vacuum is the first step to getting a restful sleep.

3. Kill bacteria and germs on your mattress

A typical person spends a third of lifetime sleeping on mattresses. That means mattresses are full of dead skin cells, saliva and sweat.

If left uncleaned, it becomes an inviting place for bacteria and germs to stay.

Homi Dust Mite Vacuum uses UVC germicidal light to kill 99% of bacteria and germs on the surface of your mattress.

4. it's a life saver for those with sensitive skin

Dust and dust mite allergens can keep you up all night by causing itches and rashes, especially for someone with sensitive skin.

The best step to a peaceful sleep is getting rid of all the dust mite allergens using the Homi Dust Mite Vacuum.

5. regular cleaning prevents dust mite from coming back

Cleaning your mattress is not a one-time job. Dust mites will return and allergens will accumulate once again if the mattress is left uncleaned for some time.

Thankfully, the Homi Dust Mite Vacuum is easy use and you can clean your mattress in just under 10 minutes.

Vacuuming your mattress regularly keeps dust mites away from you and your family.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
Deep Cleanest Vacuum

We clean the bed and really can see the dust and insect clean out deeply.
It really recommended to get one and clean for weekly at home by ourself.

Norkamaliah Mohd Mustapar
Berbaloi dan Praktikal

Saya dapat Homi Mite Dust Vacuum bagi kegunaan ayah saya. Beliau dapat memastikan habuk di atas katil, bantal dan cadar bersih dan tiada habuk. Saiz yang praktikal memudahkan ayah saya menggunakan Homi Mite Dust Vacuum.

Faridah Zainudin
Dust mite vaccum

Very efficient...easy to use. Highly recommended


Homi Dust Mite Vacuum

Suzana Idris

Homi Dust Mite Vacuum

Norhidayah Raji
Homi Dust Mite Vacuum very useful for housewife

Thank you Homi Dust Mite Vacuum make my room clean.

Great Vacuum

Was a bit unsure about the vacuum but got it for my wife. To my surprise after a week using it, just emptied the dust compartment - it was full of dust!!! Never knew we were living with so much dust on our bed and possibly millions of dust mites!!! Highly recommended machine. No regrets.

Ronald Ng
Good Product

No regrets buying this dust mite vacuum as is work wonder after using it. Would recommend to my friends and family


I'm happy with my purchases

Josephine Chan
Homi Quality Product

Easy to use and it cleans my bed.

keep your mattress clean with the homi dust mite vacuum

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