Homi Vacuum & Ultra Air Purifier 2 Bundle

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Customer Reviews

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Vacuum & air purifier

I bought this bundle mainly for the vacuum, which picks up dust as my pets fur quite well. Although for fur would need to go through few times, but it gets the job done. The air purifier is a nice size to be placed on my bedside table

Atiqah Mohamad
Good suction

my cats are sleeping with me so they "left" their fur on my bedsheet, after using this vacuum i no longer sneezing & itching due to the "leftovers". Plus, the air purifier size is just nice sitting on my bedside table.

Value for money

The vacuum is easy to use and suction power is relative strong compared to the noise it generates (which is not too loud). Although sometimes it doesn't pick up on pet fur on the first try, you just have to go through a few more times. As for dust mites, I can't determine but there are dust particles that accumulate in the cup after using.

The air purifier makes a slight constant buzzing sound when it is on with blue light doubling as a dim night light. However, I feel that the wind output is pretty low but cannot expect much due to the size of the unit.

Overall, I'm happy with the purchase at this point.

Dhinakar Harisankara Rao
Good product

I really had a good sleep after using it on my bed.

Kimmy Siow
Easy to use and worth to buy

It is easy to use and worth to get it for your house.

Iza Dora Hanipah
Work wonders!!

Am very allergic to dustmites. When i started to use this, I can sleep peacefully now on my own bed. No more itching and scratching. It work wonders I must say!